Saturday, November 21, 2009


1 two easterners were hunting in the rocky mountain wilderness when a huge grizly bear sprang onto their path reared up and roared one hunter was terrified the other kept his presence of mind and calmly instructed don't move a muscle just stand like a statue and the bear will go away hhow do you know i read it in a book in the lewis and clark expedition they both stood motionless the bear didn't go away but instead drew closer and roared moore furiously iii think the bear mut've read the samebook stammered the scared hunter.

2 where do polar bears vote
the north poll

3 what do paddington bear and winne the pooh pack for their holidays
the bear essentails

4 its a sunny morning in the big forest and the bear family is just waking up baby bear goes downstairs and sits in his small chair at the table he looks into his small bowl its empty who's been eating my poridige he squeaks daddy bear comes to the table and sits in his big chair iits also empty who's been eating my poridge he roars mommy bear calls from the kitchen how many times do we have to go through this it was mommy bear who got up first it was mommy bear who woke everbody up it was mommy bear who unloaded the dishwater it was mommy bear who went out to get the newspaper it was momy bear who set the table it mommy bear who put the cat out cleaned the litter box and filled the cat;s water and food dish and now that you've finally decided to come downstairs and start your day listen well because i'm only going to say this one time i haven't had time to make poridge yet

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